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Susan works with clients around the world to help them achieve remarkable results by setting clear, attainable goals, and guiding them along their paths to personal and professional success. She is based in the Raleigh, NC area.


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About Susan Arnold

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Certified Personal & Business Coach & Mentor

Hello. I’m Coach Susan Arnold, CPCC. I’m an experienced, certified personal, business, & executive coach and mentor. I have been coaching for a long time. It’s my calling. And I’ve had the honor of working with hundreds of great people all over the world, helping them move forward in their lives and careers and achieve some amazing things. After completing multiple university degrees, working in the corporate and private sectors and enjoying a full, classical music career, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to bring these experiences to my coaching profession.


“I feel extraordinarily grateful to be working with Susan, as my time with her has been transformational. We began working together several years ago, primarily with a focus on leadership development. Susan’s approach and the tools she uses helped me identify areas of strength and challenge and prompted me to engage in deep self-reflection. My skill sets in self-awareness and self-management, as well as engaging in interpersonal relationships have improved greatly, making a positive impact on our organization’s culture and performance. As well, Susan respects work-life balance and aspects of her coaching are transferable to personal life.

Through an inquiry approach, Susan’s compassionate and supportive methods help one realize his or her potential and develop strategies to maximize that potential. Susan’s work was so impactful and on-target that we asked her to engage with several members of our leadership team as they progressed on their journeys. After engaging with her on several occasions, my supervisor referred to her as the ‘gold standard.’ I could not agree more.” – Denise Colpitts, Ravenscroft School, North Carolina

“Susan is capable of reading me like an open book. She uses this ability to guide me through the maze in my mind, helping me reach my own conclusions. Working with Susan has helped me thrive in a demanding professional career and find balance for my young family. I recommend working with Susan to anyone seeking an leg-up in today’s complex and fast world.” -Adam Spach, PE, LEED AP Stanford White, Inc.

“Experiencing a coaching session with horses was rich and informative. The horses definitely provide an honest reflection of the issues that we, as clients, are working with; while Susan provides direct guidance and powerful questions to help us gain awareness and insight. With the horses, I learned so much about the way I lead both my self and others and how it’s perceived by “other” – in this case a horse – and in this non-verbal space, in the presence of this beautiful, humbling, wise animal, there was only pure energetic reaction from which I could learn and keep growing.” – Suzanne Ballantyne, Certified Health & Wellness Coach

The Passion Profiler™

The Passion Profiler™, a groundbreaking online tool, assesses and identifies an individual’s life and work-related passions which are the outward manifestation of the deeper inner purpose which drives that individual.

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