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Hello. I’m Coach Susan Arnold, CPCC. I’m an experienced, certified personal, business, & executive coach and mentor. I have been coaching for a long time. It’s my calling. And I’ve had the honor of working with hundreds of great people all over the world, helping them move forward in their lives and careers and achieve some amazing things. After completing multiple university degrees, working in the corporate and private sectors and enjoying a full, classical music career, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to bring these experiences to my coaching profession.

As a retired Classical singer, I bring to my coaching practice compassion, optimism, integrity, creativity, intuition, practicality, all my coaching and business skills, and a lifetime of experience. I know from personal success that dreams can become reality, goals can be achieved, excellence is right in front of us and possibilities are given to us everyday. While singing in Europe and the USA for symphonies, universities, professional chamber groups and as a soloist, I have faced fear, struggle and what seemed to be impossible goals. And yet, through the tools that I bring to you, I overcame all of these obstacles and enjoyed a glamorous, wildly successful and most of all fulfilling career for many years. I have successfully been an entrepreneur (3 start-ups), Director, Analyst, Auditor, volunteer, wife, mother, writer, yogi, sports enthusiast, and student of life. Looking back now, it seems all my life experiences were important, and in some way led me to coaching. They also allow me to better support and assist my clients.

I’m very grateful for the opportunities and experiences I’ve had. It hasn’t always been easy, but in my years in business I ended up achieving far more than I thought was possible when I started out.

In personal and business coaching, I do what I truly love. And I really enjoy seeing clients get inspired to do more than they thought possible. I have a very busy practice, usually working with over 20 clients, who come to coaching with a diversity of personal and professional interests.

I actively support the growth and raising of standards in the young profession of coaching. Over the years I have worked hard to establish higher standards of training, credentialing and ethics within the coaching community.


“Susan is an expert in this field, drawing upon her years of experience and detailed knowledge to create a unique individual program to suit her clients needs. I have experienced greater clarity as she has improved my work and personal performance dramatically.” – Debra M.

“Susan has a belief in her clients that I never expected to find. The skeptic in me feared judgment from my honesty. Susan never judged. Instead, she validated my feelings, put them in perspective, and empowered me to take ownership of my life.” -Maria D.

“Experiencing a coaching session with horses was rich and informative. The horses definitely provide an honest reflection of the issues that we, as clients, are working with; while Susan provides direct guidance and powerful questions to help us gain awareness and insight. With the horses, I learned so much about the way I lead both my self and others and how it’s perceived by “other” – in this case a horse – and in this non-verbal space, in the presence of this beautiful, humbling, wise animal, there was only pure energetic reaction from which I could learn and keep growing.” – Suzanne Ballantyne, Certified Health & Wellness Coach

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