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Horse Assisted Coaching in Raleigh

There is a reason why Winston Churchill said, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” He knew something about the equine species that many of us are just learning now. Horses are no longer just for transportation, sports or companionship. They are teachers and powerful personal development partners. Operating like a mirror, the horse reflects back everything we need to see about ourselves. (K. Neligan)

Executives, innovators, and individuals come to the Susan Arnold Equine Assisted Learning Program to build advanced leadership and self-development capacities including non-verbal communication, self-awareness, and collaboration skills. With the help of the horses, you will learn to enhance your influence, respond to change and inspire those around you.

Equine Development

Typical Challenges Addressed:

  • Trauma: Working in conjunction with a qualified therapist, horse assisted coaching can accelerate progress and minimize the emotional pain of Trauma Release experiences.
  • Family and Relationships: Working with the hoses and coach, high levels of awareness develop as the client(s) experience healing and emotional safety from the horse. For groups or individuals – instant feedback is provided by the horse.
  • Managing Challenges: Equine assisted coaching can help people recover from business or personal setbacks when working with horses. The horses provide ready access to emotions associated with setbacks and major life challenges such as grief, divorce, ADD, and stress.
  • Teen Stress (and all ages): Horses offer encouragement, hope, love and acceptance.
  • Leadership Development: Discover and enhance your natural leadership skills with the horses.

Expected Outcomes

  • Promoted Emotional Growth
  • Powerful and effective Communication skills both verbal and non-verbal
  • Smooth Transitions through major personal or professional changes/challenges
  • Greater Personal Awareness based on the reaction of the horse
  • Effective Assimilation of previous experiences which are creating self-limiting behavior
  • Improved Motivation and Confidence in all areas of your life
  • Leadership Development for individuals or teams


This coaching process includes:

  • In person coaching sessions, typically 1.5 – 2 hours in length
  • Activities include ground only exercises such as grooming and leading
  • Successive weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions
  • Additional “homework” co-designed by the coach and client(s) to deepen their learning and forward their action.
  • Team building workshops

Conflict Management

  • Understand and reflect on an individual’s approach to conflict
  • Help shift destructive reactions to more constructive responses
  • Communicate effectively in conflict situations
  • Develop skills to manage disputes more collaboratively


“This was my first experience with horses and it could not have been more enlightening. I felt as though the horses and I were bonding and they were helping me resolve the tasks put before me. Susan does a fantastic job making any of her workshops meaningful to each participant, especially this one.” – John Deans, Attorney

“I decided to go to Susan’s equine assisted coaching workshop with the intention to have fun. With the exercises that were given, I quickly realized that the experience had become very thought provoking and meaningful…unique directly to me. Susan, who is greatly skilled with her guidance and leadership, has created a worthwhile and lasting experience.” – Cynthia MacGregor, DDS

“Simply Amazing! I would have never have thought a 1,400 pound animal would enlighten me. Through Susan’s experience in coaching, I had so many hidden feelings exposed. This was a life changing experience. I highly recommend it.” – Roy Moore, Account Manager, The Training Network

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